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Create Beats Online With The World's Best Beat Making Software! Start Making Killer Beats On Any PC Or Mac!

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Ever wanted to create beats like the pros' but didn't know where to start?
Ever wanted to make beats but just found everything FAR too complicated and expensive?
Introducing Dr Drum the sickest beat maker to hit the market, easy to use yet no compromising on quality.
You can create beats quickly and easily on your PC or MAC without the need for a professional studio or any of the expensive equipment.

This is Your Chance to Sound HOT!

If you’ve ever been in a club and heard a cool and original beat being played and thought you could come up with something just as good the good news is that you probably can. Today you don’t need a studio or a room full of equipment to arrange professional quality beats.

Best Features That Come Built Into This Software!

Modern beat makers today can be powerful and often inexpensive, but they can also be lacking in key features if you make an unwise purchase decision. To make sure you don’t cripple your beat making career before it’s done you’ll want to purchase the right beat maker.

Dr Drum is a new beat maker that comes full of features. It has a 16-track sequencer, a 12 pad drum machine, 4-octave keyboards for guitar, synth, piano, strings & FX and can create professional tracks using the WAV file format.

Dr Drum’s best feature is its extensive collection of high quality samples you can use to create your own beats; this is complimented by the intuitive interface that can make beat-making feel easy. When you’ve installed Dr Drum you’ll soon be creating your first beats within minutes.

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