ACID Pro 7

ACID Pro 7

  • The new Audio and MIDI mixing console allow users to visually represent audio signals in a project and provides additional routing options,
  • Allowing for a much more flexible and efficient in-studio recording environment.
  • Input busses control routing of input signals, including the ability to record from external devices with effects,
  • Including ACID Pro Effects Rack powered by iZotope, Garritan Aria for ACID Pro player, Submersible Music KitCore, & Native Instruments Guitar Combos

Sony ACID Pro 7 software is a DAW (digital audio workstation) powerhouse that combines full multitrack recording and mixing, complete MIDI sequencing, and legendary loop manipulation for seamless music creation and post production. Get up and running quickly with new interactive tutorials. Other new features include a dedicated mixing console, MIDI track freeze, input busses, tempo curves, and enhanced format support. ACID Pro 7 software includes over 3,000 loops and 1,000 MIDI files for music c


ACID Pro 7

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Impressive update to the venerable Acid, October 1, 2009
    This review is from: ACID Pro 7 (DVD-ROM)

    I am very impressed by Acid Pro7.0. For the price [...] Direct Box) I believe that Acid Pro 7 is a must have upgrade that makes it a worthy competitor in the DAW market. Its simplicity and ease of use, and at the same time overall robustness are a reminder that a no frills design can increase productivity as I found myself happily zipping along and having everything on the same screen only a click away.

    Uncluttered interface
    Best loop stretching in the biz!
    Tempo Curves
    Real time rendering
    Plug In bundle with Garritan, iZotope, etc.
    Can use any 3rd party audio editor

    Midi editing not very intuitive
    No dedicated audio editor

    As a long time Acid user (since ver. 2) I was very interested to see what the software had in terms of updates and improvements. Acid’s time stretching and looping tools have always been flawless and in version 6 Sony added multi-tracking capabilities, thus making Acid Pro 6 a recording workstation.

    According to Sony, version Acid Pro 7 offers improvement of the midi and tracking sections of the software as well as some welcome additions in terms of plugins such as Garritan Aria, Acid Pro Effects Rack by iZotope, Native Instruments Guitar Combos and Submersible Music KitCore. Sony have added an audio and midi mixing console, input busses, real time rendering and midi track freeze, features that a lot of users were hoping to see in version 6. There are also a few features under the hood that enhance the user experience as well and we’ll get into these details later.


    Acid Pro 7 requires the user to register online and to obtain a key code via a challenge and response system. Fairly straightforward and after registering I got my codes and was good to go in under 5 minutes. The software plugins take a bit longer to load, especially the Garritan Aria for Acid since it has quite a few sample files. Overall the installation was pretty forward and streamlined, no surprises there and I was good to go in almost no time.


    Sony has kept the standard features of the older versions, so right away it feels familiar. The standard Acid layout is still there, the looping portions are also still there with Beatmapper and the Chopper. They come with some new enhanced capabilities such as elastique time stretching and pitch shifting, which adds some extra level of detail and quality to tracks that require that treatment. The Beatmapper also has some new enhanced features which allow users to edit clip properties and Beatmap songs with varying tempos and time signatures.

    Acid has also introduced a new feature called Tempo Curves which allows users to set the type of transition between two tempo changes, for example slow buildup to the new tempo. These features are controlled by fade types. As earlier Acid Pro users were complaining of the lack of metronome, Sony has added a robust metronome feature in version 7, with multiple configurations and countoff settings.

    On the audio side Sony have added the much needed signal level meters missing from previous versions, track/clip/event switches including Normalize, Invert Phase, Mute and Lock. A much needed Mixer window has been added with customizable views.

    There has also been some improvement to the Plug-In management window, allowing for customizable categories, also displaying by brand and a few other views, thus making it easier to navigate.

    Acid Pro 7 has added support for additional file formats such as FLAC, AAC, AC-3 Studio and MPEG-2.

    Acid 7 is Windows Vista certified so it is guaranteed to work on Vista.

    The package comes with vast assortment of loop content, MIDI samples with over 3,000 ACIDized music loops, over 1000 MIDI files, 90 DLS instruments and 25 DLS-based projects. The bundled software includes the Garritan Aria player sample library which alone retails for about $250, an iZotope Effects Rack with plugins such as flanger, phaser, analog delay and dynamics, Native Instruments guitar emulation software valued at about $100, and Submersible Music KitCore drums for beat creation.

    In Use

    To test Acid I loaded a few raw .wav tracks of unmixed material, lined it up in the software and gave it a spin. The mixing process was already familiar since I’ve worked in Acid before. Version 7 of the software comes with a dedicated mixer, which in previous versions the user had to create from scratch and it took some time. Acid felt natural to use for mixing and in no time I had good working mixes of the material. Compared to some other DAWs I felt that Acid was more immediate and its layout was no-nonsense crisp and utilitarian, no cheesy color gimmicks like some of its competition, everything on one screen in front of the user all the time. Everything that I needed was there at a touch of a button…

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    ACID PRO IS THE BEST, January 27, 2010
    K. Hons

    This review is from: ACID Pro 7 (DVD-ROM)

    I love making music. Acid pro is one [actually, my favorite] music making software.
    It’s easy to use, and there’s nothing wrong with it.
    You just drag and drop loops from the program and then eventually – BAM! – you’ve got a song!
    Another good thing is that you can make songs as long as you want and you can save them into Mp3.
    I highly recommend this if anyone is interested about making music!

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