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Beat Maker Software – Best beat making software Download – At only .95 BTV Solo comes with everything you need to make your own original Hip Hop, Dance, Pop, Dubstep, Industrial or Electronic music productions. It comes pre loaded with over 1000 original and professionally mastered sounds and 100 professionally made and royalty free tracks that you can use in your own productions. On top of that you also get 100 pro drum kits and over 100 premium electronic and acoustic instruments such as basses, synths, choirs, effects and string ensembles. BTV SOLO in this area is worlds apart from anything in its class. Something has been done here that not only is unprecedented, but very much taboo in the recording industry. Two time Grammy award winning producer, Dallas Austin, I’m talking the same cat that has worked his magic for artist such as (Michael Jackson, Madonna, Pink,, Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, and TLC) just to name a few, as co-creator has incorporated his own sounds into this project. Imagine starting off in the game with the same sounds as a world famous producer/songwriter. This is something that just isn’t done. I’m saying point blank, a producer is his sounds, and the style that he uses to manipulate them. So when you can get a gift like you got to jump on it. As far as I am concerned these sounds alone are priceless. BTVSolo brings to you over one thousand sounds all top of the line studio quality 44.1 kHz 16bit/24bit wav or aiff formatted The HardKnock.TV team caught up with 9th Wonder at Rock The Bells to talk about Drake and 9th’s twitter conversation, how they linked up 5 years ago on a record called “Think Good Thoughts” and more. 9th continues by saying that Alchemist, DJ Khalil, others push him to be better but that Nottz is the best pound for pound beat maker right now. He ends this part of the interview by saying that he never met J Dilla but that his music lives forever. Check out for more from 9th Wonder. This interview was conducted by April Bombai, Mark Anthony Jenkins and Nick Huff Barili.

48 thoughts on “Beat Maker Software | BTV SOLO Best Beat Making Software (NEW)

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  4. This still surprise me, how lots of people do not know about Kinoteron Beat Turbo (just google it), despite the fact that a lot of people can conveniently compose their favorite production song with this beat making software. Thanks to my buddy who told me about Kinoteron Beat Turbo, I can easily make my own beats.

  5. How the fuck is Drake a elder??? Drake is still wet behind the ears!! When you speak of a elder please use a name like Rakim, not trash like Drake!

  6. Drake could have been something really good for hip hop, he just signed on with the wrong people. Comeback Season was good stuff, but you often become the company you keep.

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  9. @1stplates I think your being slightly unfair to 9th. I’ve seen 9th pay  homage to dilla on numerous interviews. The reason interviewers always bring J dilla up to him is cos 9th is the natural successor to his crown. With the exception of premo, 9th pays homage to JD through his sound

  10. Never met him but you peeped his vibe / technique. Speaking of cat’s that don’t give props to the elders …. hmmm. Everytime I see 9th interviewed, he’s one of them catz man that ain’t said enuff RE: Dilla’s influence – Nottz, hi-tek, kev Brown – etc. have all payed tribute. Not this cat. Interviewers always have to bring Dilla up to him – never vice-versa. The reason they do so is b/c they know EXACTLY what time it is. Peace to Phonte and Pooh who paid homage via plastic cups tribute.

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  12. @kuxfubp Yes this is beyond my expectation listen to this You can make some damn insane beats with this software! Theres been a ton of press about it. Its finally been released to the public get it here ->


  14. I like some of 9ths music and although he is very gifted in his craft, I dont see how any producer can say that another producer is pound for pound the best beat maker around? Preference ladies and gents, preference.

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