Beat Rap 1 /2012/ Piano Aggressive Hip Hop (Base Instrumental)

Days of misery / Piano Aggressive beat rap – Art Productions (Bases instrumentales) 2012 In the channel you will find more beats of various styles (Entra en …
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19 thoughts on “Beat Rap 1 /2012/ Piano Aggressive Hip Hop (Base Instrumental)

  1. If you’re a rapper looking for FREE instrumentals check out my channel you wont reget it. New beats uploaded weekly.

  2. santus88 God bless you i used the beat it is a good one,,really good.i am from vIEqUEs P.R..I DON NOT GOING TO SELL THE SONG, JUST WANT TO GIVE A MSG TO MY ISLAND IN THAT BEAT,,I GIVE YOU CREDIT.THANKS. I SUCRIBE TO YOUR CHANNEL

  3. 40% alc flowin slowly thru this thugs bloodstream He ain’t seein the way his life could truly be Downin that bottle only time to think is when he pees Cuz he ain’t got no fuckin time for himself see All he does is work sleep eat & repeat , His childhood life is now deceased all he thinks about is his dying father & his beats Truly indeed u can call him stupid a dumb fucktard for allowin his heart to b vulnerable and get scarred
    by a woman when all he did was try hard. *TrueStory*

  4. yo why are we here/ spending all our teen years/ hangin with friends and sippin on the beer/ all of of us sayign yolo who cares/ our generation is dumb, seriously like fucked up, 70% of the time where walking around high and drugged/ not me tho/ no weed bro/ u tell those kids they ruining theyre lifes they say “so”/ fuck it im dumb with this shit/ pull the gun to the head then click

  5. hey I rapped to the beat too,but i DON`T will earn money for my songs because i rap for fun and for help other people, check out my song: /watch?v=4ihOUk7dZfM

  6. I’m a kill in the mist of ur shadows I am a god I’m the one who created to you are nothing too me all you see is me with the slinder man

  7. yo Chek it,
    mind is splattered all over tha rooad,
    time has captured Evil in tha wooorld
    rhyme has ventured through depths of hell,
    i ring da bells, i jabbed tha nails,
    thorugh crist’s hands while he wails,
    thinkin to myself, “What The Hell’”

  8. im happy people like you put these bases and beats so us amatures or “non song writers” can have some fun! ahaha i just wanted to share my piece but its nothing special :D

    yooooo peace!!

  9. Aunque creo que no recibiré respuesta debo intentarlo, porque me gusta esta base, es de uso libre para la gente que rapea sin ánimo de lucro? gracias.

  10. yo yo my name is xposure i am a rapper and having been writing to this beat was wondering if i could record a song to it

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