Beatmaking: MellaMayne generating Neo-Soul tunes

Beatmaking: MellaMayne making Neo-Soul music

Beatmaking: MellaMayne demonstrating the approach of creating neo-soul R&B music…

This is a exciting pop defeat that would operate great for several artist out there right now! This beat is named “Desire Keeper”! The instrumental in the introduction of…

32 thoughts on “Beatmaking: MellaMayne generating Neo-Soul tunes

  1. This is hot!!! Would love to collar with you some day. Working on a project release, so not a ton of time right now, but let’s connect. Check our channel for Blue Soul Ten. Subscribed!

  2. Just Subscribed to you. Your music is beautiful. Im a future Producer in progress, and watching your videos has helped a lot. Good Work bro. Loving the way this sound.

  3. Never buy a Fantom x8 its 2013-> tec has come a long way. with that $2500 you can get a full setup, guitar center has package deals very nice prices too!

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