Beats By Dr Dre Beats Studio Unboxing – Blue (Colours)

Purchase THESE BLUE BEATS STUDIO Listed here – MY Information CHANNEL This is an unboxing of the new Beats By Dre Beats Studi…
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Justin Gatlin Beats Usain Bolt 100m - nine.ninety four - Golden Gala Rome Diamond League 2013

Internet site facebook group 6-time Olympic winner Usain Bolt was defeated by American Justi…
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32 thoughts on “Beats By Dr Dre Beats Studio Unboxing – Blue (Colours)

  1. wew when i got studios, which is metallic blue, my cables are red and black, with inline reemote. but they have warranty and their official whatever-it-is sticker gold plated on the outerbox so i can identify that its original from beats.

  2. dont be a fool! if ur gonna buy beats, go for beatswireless,pros,mixrs instead of studios. battery-needed feature sucks.
    or buy other brand instead if youre poor for this. there aree alot of other headphones that deserve ur money like sennheiser or bose or audio technica but if youre willin for this, dont go for studios or executives. they are external-battery-needed suckas.

  3. take note that im using bose, sennheiser, skullcandy, sol republic as well.

  4. fuck up! ive been usin beats for such a long time and i have no regrets or complains on its quality. sound leak is all thats sucks with it but i somehow understand that cuz it got a high bass sound quality which i found very terrific esp everytime im playin music and instruments. overall im not a fan of beatsbydre, im just a music lover. im a choosy type of almost everything so im not just picking up things only for styles and stuffs but for its quality and durability as well.

  5. What quality are you talking? Even the music you are listening to has no quality. Good headphone will stay faithful to the original of the Music without so much artificial sounding. And, Beats by dr dre headphone are way horrible in terms of sound quality, tonal balance, tone color and instrument separation. I will not introduce who I am, just look at my picture, I would like to argue more if you’re really a musical expert or some kind of dumb that know nothing about Music and boast around.

  6. get the Sennheiser Momentum and FiiO E12. It will sound similar to HD650. and therefore better than any of beats Studio or Solo.

  7. Here’s my words for arrogant obnoxious Beats owner. I have Beats and use them for quite somewhile before. Beats is way overpriced because you’re not hearing the real music in terms of balance, tone colour(this is subjective but there’s a limit). I appreciate the pumping Bass of Beats but they’re artificial sounding. If you are the guys out there concer,t goers or Classical Concert goers, you know what i’m talking about. Lastly, there are many people who use $2000amp and $2000+ headphones,so pls.

  8. Just because i’m not a swaggot like you you think i’m 11, I’m 14 and who the fuck would be stupid enough to get these for your birthday?

  9. both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trust me well I have the pill and beatbox portable amazing!!!! get the pill with studios

  10. That was the closest race EVER!!! so you can’t really say he got BEAT, you can so he lost, but he wasn’t beat because that was “anyone’s game” between the two :)


  12. Gatlin shoule not even be running again. He’s a drugs yet plain and simple. I don’t care if he’s served his two years he’s still a cheat and they should get life bans!

  13. How in the hell was bolt tryin here and he was jogging. Bolt is capable of 9.5s come lets be smart about this race. He wanted to loose to make a rival cause theres none in his league right now

  14. Well because it is a performance enhancer, just because it’s new doesn’t mean there allowed to use it. A 3 month ban is quite minimal though.

  15. blake was caught taking a stimulant not a steroid that wasn’t on the banned list and he was given a 3 month ban for it. If he was to take roids right before an event he would get caught for sure. If anything people would take them in the off season to build muscle. Once the season starts it’s usually about fitness over strength. That’s why you will see such huge progression during the season.

  16. he wasn’t even at his best. He was coming off of a bad hamstring injury from earlier in the season. Was not 100% here.

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