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35 thoughts on “Complete Very best Defeat Producing Software for Novices like me

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  2. shes right , the software Is just like a real guitar etc, if your using a midi piano to map the notes, you still have to have a concept of music and how to put it together, you still have to manually punch the notes with the keyboard or moc

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  5. @bakesale Turn your Mac or PC into a studio… and produce incredible hip hop, dance, house, rap, r&B, jungle, rock, pop, and reggaeton productions using nothing other than your computer keyboard.
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  6. You’re right that he’s a retard…. but not ALL music has a beat…. I mean…. I don’t even think Merzbow knows what a beat is. lol.

  7. If someone could make me an original song i would appreciate it.
    im making graphics design videos and i was looking for a song no one has used before.
    just pm me through my channel.

  8. what the fuck are you saying you mentally incapitated shithead. obviously you have never played an instrument, so i will have all rights to call you a imbecile in all fields. tempo is the SPEED of notes. polyrhythms are type of notes in succession.
    p.s. you will never become successful in your life, so it’s safe to say that you become an hero to compensate the pain in the arse that your parents have to deal with every day.

  9. you are a dumb motherfucker. beats keep TEMPO for music. it gives RHYTHM for the music to compensate in order to create a MELODY. without beats you would have ambient noise, where the drums and percussion no longer syncopate with, basically, DO NOT talk shit that you don’t know. it’ll make you look more of an asshole.

  10. I appreciate you giving your tutor but, to be down to earth with you(real) you are not a wonderful teacher.

  11. Beats suck, MUSIC is way better. Music is about participating with other sounds. Beats are just repetitive and just pathetically made for money, listen to the band Tool

  12. Nice… Whenever you will try to find BeatGenerals in Youtube they now have FL Studio training sessions revealing how to create beats, mix beats, master beats, etc for anyone else searching for some additional help and / or maybe wanting to grow.

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