IK Multimedia Releases Updated Version of iRig Recorder Apps for Android

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Image by andrew pilling
This photo is of my most resent recording equipment. My recording / composing equipment begins with Motu’s Traveler AD/DA interface (the device right under the iMac on shelf) that connects to my iMac Quad core computer running Motu’s Digital Performer DAW (digital audio workstation) software. I control the Track / Mix / Edit & Mastering functions with Frontier Design’s Alpha Track DAW controller (the device right behind the keyboard) and a little help from the keyboard & mouse. I monitor the Track / Mix / Edit & Mastering with a pair of inexpensive Tascam VL-A4 self powered monitors, AKG’s K-240 MKII headphones and of course; imacs built in speakers for comparison. I have two external drives, one is used as the imacs backup and the other drive is used as dedicated storage for Motu’s Digital performer music song files and also a backup for my iTunes library files, so essentially I have all of my music stored in triplicate. The other equipment seen on my desk is a Boss GS10 Guitar effects system and a Roland GR-30 Guitar synth.

IK Multimedia Releases Updated Version of iRig Recorder Apps for Android
iRig Recorder is a simple to use audio recording app that can start recording immediately when it is launched making it the perfect "on the spot" field recorder. Users simply launch the app and hit the record button, or can also configure the app to …
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This iOS Remixing App Lets You Pump Up The Ninja Jamms
Before you freak out about “remix tools” and decide that, like other music production software, this is probably a bit out of your depth as a music fan, understand that this is remixing “appified”. All of the music and effects have been broken down …
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