Propellerhead ninety nine-a hundred and one-0027 Purpose 6.5 Audio Software program

Propellerhead ninety nine-one hundred and one-0027 Reason 6.five Audio Software program

  • Rack Extension engineering lets you grow your assortment of instruments and effects with the gadgets you want
  • Unrestricted audio recording and instrument channels
  • Completely showcased substantial-precision multitrack sequencer with Blocks manner and audio comping resources
  • High top quality realtime time extend & audio transpose
  • Advanced exporting – export your separate mixer channels as personal audio stems, including consequences and tempo track

Purpose — Every thing your songs requirements right now. And tomorrow. Reason is an built-in software songs recording and manufacturing studio that arrives with all the devices, consequences and mixing instruments you require for creating, recording, remixing and producing excellent-sounding tracks. With its generous seem lender and intuitive circulation, Reason helps you together in the innovative approach and is the tunes application that by no means gets in your way. Must you need even more imaginative possibilities, Rack Extensions grow Reason and

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Propellerhead ninety nine-one hundred and one-0027 Cause six.five Audio Software program

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2 thoughts on “Propellerhead ninety nine-a hundred and one-0027 Purpose 6.5 Audio Software program

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I mean… INCREDIBLE, December 16, 2012

    This review is from: Propellerhead 99-101-0027 Reason 6.5 Audio Software (Electronics)

    So here you are,

    The main reason you’d be looking into Reason 6.5 (as opposed to the previous Reason 6) is for the Rack Extensions. With this, the developers in Sweden made a huge decision to expand the capabilities of their software to invite other 3rd party developers (of VST plug-ins) such as KORG, Softube, iZotope, and U-he to name a few– to bring their instruments, FX, and Utilities into the Reason world! The catch is, this is NOT VST software! All the Rack Extension software is made to fit seamlessly within the Reason environment and maintains 1) the form of “the rack” which is flippable and tweak-able in any way possible (CV routing and Audio input/output routing–just like a real studio rack) 2) the stability of Reason (with little to no crashes), 3) the low CPU workload that Reason is known for and 4) that notorious excellent quality Reason sound!

    Rack Extensions was huge and exciting and continues to get better and better every day as new 3rd party developers come on board with Propellerhead with new Rack Extensions that get put into the store. Yes, a store. Which brings me to the one downside. Rack Extensions do cost extra aside from your original purchase of the program. Generally they are a reasonable price (sometimes free) but it all depends on what you are looking to do and if it fits within your budget needs. Some can be quite pricey! But, just like any other DAW on the market which has VST plug-ins, you don’t need to purchase them if you don’t want. In fact, with Reason 6.5, they allow you to “try” out any RE you want for 30 days. You download it to your computer and for 30 days, it’s as if you own that Rack Extension. No limits. Mix and Master music with them. Export finished songs. It’s yours. No more youtube demos to see if you like it. Try it WITH YOUR MUSIC to see if it works for you or not! That’s pretty amazing.

    Aside from Rack Extensions, Reason 6.5 has full multi-track audio and midi recording capability like any other DAW, the usual incredible audio quality that Reason is becoming well known for, “the rack” which just oozes with creative options, full mixing/mastering capabilities on their SSL-style mixer, is very midi-controller friendly and dependable in a live setting, can be Re-wired into other bigger DAWs like Logic & ProTools, incredible customer support on their website backed by a plethora of loyal fans, and TONS of helpful tutorials on youtube done by the people that made the program themselves which really helps you get started and dive deep into the program!

    I also own Propellerhead’s Balance (their first hardware Audio interface) which works seamlessly with Reason and has some incredible Reason-exclusive advantages like Clipsafe. A wonderful tool in addition to an already incredible program! I use both Reason 6.5 and Balance in both my home studio and for live gigging. I absolutely love it. In the studio, the way Reason is set up is mind-blowingly inspiring to create, compose and produce my music in. And it just looks AMAZING. In the Live setting it takes a little set-up time, but I can’t tell you how worth-it it is and how many compliments I’ve received on “my sound” which is always followed by “What are you using?” When I tell them Reason, they are shocked and say “I didn’t know it could do THAT!”

    If you’re on the lookout for a great all-around DAW that is different than the other guys, Reason 6.5 won’t steer you wrong. An easy 5 out of 5 here gents.

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The most rewarding musical product I’ve ever owned, February 6, 2013
    Bobby W. (USA) –

    This review is from: Propellerhead 99-101-0027 Reason 6.5 Audio Software (Electronics)

    As a music hobbyist, I’ve acquired a lot of gear over the years, from guitars to keyboards to some of the earliest MIDI hardware and software applications commercially available.

    I’ve had a lot of fun with all of it, but by far the most rewarding musical product I’ve ever owned has been Propellerhead’s Reason. I can’t say enough about this program – it is beautifully designed, and easily the most bug-free of ANY software I’ve ever used. Though I have been using it for a few years, I’ve honestly only scratched the surface – there’s always some cool feature waiting to be discovered.

    Chances are some of the music you listen to now (no matter the style) has been produced using Reason, and a visit to the Propellerhead’s website (or YouTube) will give you an idea of what Reason is and what people are doing with this software.

    With version 6.5 and the introduction of Rack Extensions, Propellerhead has opened the door for other entities to develop custom plug ins for Reason. While the selection of plugins will probably never match the number of VSTs available (though as of this writing, they are off to a good start), one can be confident that the ones that do make it to “The Rack” will work seamlessly in the Reason environment.

    But even if you just use the core program, there are a lot of toys included. The price of this software is quite a bargain when you consider everything you get with the full application (there is also a lower priced “Essentials” version).

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