The Full Studio Recordings Evaluations

The Complete Studio Recordings

  • Report Label: Emi
  • Catalog#: 4402172
  • Nation Of Launch: NLD
  • Year Of Release: 2012
  • Notes: .. Recordings 1972-eighty two

2012 10 CD established. The Complete Studio Recordings includes every single of the 8 Roxy Tunes studio albums introduced in the ten yr period of 1972-1982, on CD plus two discs of bonus tracks that contains tracks formerly unavailable on CD. Every album has been taken again to its authentic type. Audio 2012 flat transfers from the original analogue learn tapes (not the 1999 remasters), ensuring the audio sounds truer to its unique LP audio. Contains the albums Roxy Audio, For Your Pleasure, Stranded, Cou

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The Full Studio Recordings

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