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REVIEW: fun. fills Phily's Mann Center with energy, Tegan and Sara fill it
And it had an opening act, Tegan and Sara, that was nearly as good, making it one of the best shows we've seen this year. … The set did, indeed, just get better – ridiculously good, with the beat-heavy “Barlights,” as Antonoff joined the drummer to …
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Joystick jocks
BoxeR pulls out a keyboard, waiting for the signal. A klaxon sounds. He begins to type. And click. And move. The screen flashes with bewildering action. His fingers dancing across the keyboard in knuckle-dislocating combinations, BoxeR starts to attack …
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Grantland Reality Fantasy League: Dark Liquor, Flying Cobras, and Huffing
Bananas commandeered one of those keyboard cleaners from a cameraman and huffed his way around the house for a few days. He is like Houdini, but instead of … She will go down in Challenge history as the first person to beat CT in a fight and the …
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Lastest Keyboard Beat Maker News

Goos cement status as hit machine with 10th album
Rather, they are a mainstream hit-making powerhouse. Certainly … Album opener and first single “Rebel Beat” makes a joyful noise, its blend of acoustic instruments and subtly interwoven electronica conspiring in service of a jubilant stomp of a pop …
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Fansided Off-Season Q&A : New Jersey Devils
With so much information available at the touch of your keyboard, it's easy to get lost in the superhighway that is before us each and every day. Which is why we decided to draw attention to some real solid … Jeff has had an okay career in the AHL …
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Arduino “presses any key” on a USB keyboard

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Arduino “presses any key” on a USB keyboard
keyboard beat maker

Image by s p e x
UPDATE (2/13/2012): Spark Fun publishes a tutorial for an Arduino keyboard. OK, so they cheat a little by using a variant of the ATmega chip, but it is inexpensive and works with the Arduino software, so I think I’ll have to give it a try.

UPDATE: Apparently new Arduinos are being release very soon which already include the ability to mimic a keyboard or mouse out of the box! Check out the official announcement!

UPDATE: Another Arduino/USB keyboard project just appeared I wonder if it can be generalized to any ATMega328.

UPDATE: check this out looks like it could be another method for turning any arduino into a usb keyboard!

Tired of waiting to find out how to program Arduino Uno to pretend that it’s a keyboard?

I am.

I needed a way to interrupt a PC during boot to get to the BIOS from a remote location. In this case the BIOS works well enough over a serial port, but you can only get there by pushing a real key on a real keyboard in person. Who wants to go down to the lab every time you need to push a button!?

So I looked into recycling an old keyboard for the job: Instructables, Hacking a USB Keyboard

That’s a nice enough explanation, but doesn’t really get me to writing a program to press keys, never-mind let me press a key via SSH. Although it did show me how to figure out which two wires I need to connect to "press" DEL.

So I figured, I’d try a FET as switch. I started with an MPF-102 FET, but that didn’t work very well. Frankly, I’m wondering what an MPF-102 is actually good at. Nothing I’ve found so far.

Having failed with a transistor, I tried a proper relay. That worked well but then I wondered: What would happen if I just used the suggested PN2222 transistor without the relay? And that just worked. Yay!

Then I added a MAX-232 chip which doubled as a non-USB method for programming the Arduino (an FTDI cable costs !, MAX232 is .20 or so, plus capacitors) and the lab has digi console servers which let me talk to RS232 via SSH/telnet. That’s how I was talking to the console on the PC anyway.

I "stole" the wiring for the MAX232 from the Freeduino Serial.

And pressing the key is as simple as a digitalwrite HIGH for .1 seconds. I simplified one of the stock serial examples to make it interactive, and I soldered some wires to a DB-9 connector (as per the Freeduino schematic).

And it worked! Although, OSX wasn’t very helpful. Every time I plugged int the keyboard to test it, it asked me to help it identify why kind of keyboard it was. And then I ran into a feedback loop when I told it to send DEL whenever it got a single character. Turns out DEL is 3 or 4 characters which each tried to send a DEL, and you get the picture.

I deployed it today, and it works perfectly! Then I see this link on Make’s blog: MAKE Video audition: Google Reader pedal But *whew*, its OK. They are also only adding a different mechanical switch to a keyboard’s guts, not giving you programatic control over the keyboard.

With some shift registers and a bunch of transistors, I could control the whole keyboard with no special software/drivers. In fact, it would work without the target computer ever realizing that it is being remotely operated!


PS Yes, my wiring could’ve been neater/cleaner, but I was trying to get something working relatively quickly. I’m very pleased with the functionality, although the appearance is admittedly sub-par.

Walk the Line 2011 – The Leisure Society
keyboard beat maker

Image by Haags Uitburo
The Leisure Society at Walk the Line, a new festival in The Hague that’s packed with alternative and international pop, rock and dance acts. Reverberating beats, catchy melodies, screaming feedback and a kick-ass attitude till the small hours!

Het debuut The Sleeper (2008) van The Leisure Society is, dankzij de meerstemmige samenzag en de dromerige melodieën, wel omschreven als het Engelse antwoord op bands als Grizzly Bear en Fleet Foxes. Het album, in 2009 rereleased door een ander muzieklabel, ontlokte Brain Eno de woorden: "The only other thing I’ve been listening to lately with enthusiasm". Tijdens de eerste dag van Walk the Line 2011 opende de Britse band het programma in het Nutshuis met een aardig optreden waarin vooral de meer rustige nummers opvielen.
Walk the Line is een tweedaags indoor muziekfestival in Den Haag met tientallen concerten door (inter)nationale bands, acts en dj’s. Het jonge en nieuwe popevenement van de makers van Crossing Border biedt hoogstaande alternatieve muziek voor breed georiënteerde, muzikale avonturiers. Nieuwe beloftes van morgen, giganten van de underground, singer-songwriters, poppy rockmuziek, rockende indie, uptempo folk-’n'-roll, dance-acts en vuige electro.
De tweede editie van het Walk the Line festival vind dit weekend plaats in het Paard van Troje, de SuperMarkt, het Nutshuis, De Zwarte Ruiter en de Rootz.

Day 1 – Young One
keyboard beat maker

Image by Mayes Studios
Today I met this guy and he is a very gifted up and coming beat maker. I watched him make a track from the top of his head. I wasn’t able to hear the finished product but I’m sure that it will be amazing.

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Dubturbo 2.0 Is Even Better & Smarter Beat Maker
This is marked as the most controversial beat maker on the market. One reason for this is that is that it does 10 times … You will enjoy keyboard shortcuts everywhere so you can maneuver around the ap and produce fast. There is a familiar panel …
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The voice at Jazzbones
Shoot, by the time I was 28, my finest accomplishments were popping out two little hellions and developing a taste for straight shots of Maker's Mark. Anyway, back to Jones. Her band will play Jazzbones Sunday, along with six … The band also has …
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