The Basics Of Music Production: Set Up Your Home Studio

The Basics Of Music Production: Set Up Your Home Studio
Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Software: You can buy all the hardware in the world, but if you don't have recording software you can't do much with it. When it comes to picking a DAW, you have many options. In this series, we've chosen Cubase because …
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Daft Punk On 'The Soul That A Musician Can Bring'
There's a certain craftsmanship in recording music in studios that is gradually disappearing and we thought that this was maybe a sad thing for this craftsmanship to disappear. These techniques that have been developed over — maybe from the beginning …
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Hex & plugs & ROM & roll: Computer music stars rock Bletchley
It made a public performance of the Colonel Bogey March, but no recording has survived. Britain's first computer music recording was a rendition of God Save The King, produced in 1951 using a Ferranti Mark I computer with software created by computer …
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