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The Complete Studio Recordings

  • Report Label: Emi
  • Catalog#: 4402172
  • Nation Of Launch: NLD
  • Year Of Release: 2012
  • Notes: .. Recordings 1972-eighty two

2012 10 CD established. The Complete Studio Recordings includes every single of the 8 Roxy Tunes studio albums introduced in the ten yr period of 1972-1982, on CD plus two discs of bonus tracks that contains tracks formerly unavailable on CD. Every album has been taken again to its authentic type. Audio 2012 flat transfers from the original analogue learn tapes (not the 1999 remasters), ensuring the audio sounds truer to its unique LP audio. Contains the albums Roxy Audio, For Your Pleasure, Stranded, Cou

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The Full Studio Recordings

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The complete studio discography including singles, b-sides, remixes in a handsome boxed set for the band Roxy Music, August 28, 2012
    Wayne Klein “If at first the idea is not absu… (My Little Blue Window, USA) –
    (TOP 100 REVIEWER)

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    This review is from: The Complete Studio Recordings (Audio CD)

    Although they never achieved the fame in the U.S. that they did in the U.K., Roxy Music remained an influential band with their art-rock/glam-rock approach. The band’s first five studio albums are seminal while their last three studio albums range from decent to exceptional. This handsome boxed set collects the band’s eight studio albums in handsome, thick, glossy gatefold mini-LP sleeves along with two CDs of the band’s various b-sides, singles and various remixes. Although this set is missing previously unreleased tracks or outtakes, there are a number of releases on the last two CD set that make their debut in digital form for the first time.

    Although fans may argue over the merit of various releases (was the band better with or without Eno? Did Eddie Jobson’s musical sophistication as a keyboard and violin player expand the band’s musical sound), these are all worthwhile picking up for fans in this new remastering which goes back to the original analog sources. Reportedly these are “flat” transfers that represent the sound of the mastertapes more accurately than any other release and while I can’t attest to how these compare to the master tapes, these are probably the BEST representation of how the band sounded.

    These releases sound exceptionally good–they are not brick walled, not peak limited, compressed nor has there been any attempt to fatten up the bass sound or the introduction of any strange EQ choices. The albums are presented as intended (and, in the case of “Manifesto” features the original album line up–the original CD release included the single version of “Angel Eyes” and a different take of “Dance Away” that were substituted for the original tracks) IMHO these best the UK original E.G. releases as well as the Warner/Reprise CD reissues AND Bob Ludwig’s remasters from 1999. The sound is warm and analog-like (which is ironic in our digital age given these albums were produced without ever thinking about how they would sound digitally). The transfers are top notch throughout. What we get here is as close to the original sound as the band intended for these releases. The labels feature the original album cover graphics on the CD labels.

    Is this set perfect? For fans who want a booklet detailing the recording of the various albums along with lyrics and details on the mastering of this edition the answer would be no. Also, the original release was to include DVD higher resolution releases of ALL the band’s albums and b-sides. This was scaled back to this set here and, while those things are missed, as mentioned these are the ultimate redbook CD editons of the albums.

    Fans looking for accurate reproductions of the LP sleeves including the inner lining should be aware that these are ALL gatefold sleeves (only the first three were released on LP in gatefold sleeves)and the inner sleeves are color coordinated to the release but blank (“Country Life”, “Flesh + Blood” and “Avalon” all included the original lyrics for each release on the inner sleeve something not reproduced here). The gatefolds do have outtake photos from the cover sessions included on the inside (some of which appeared on the boxed set Thrill of It All).

    The CD of outtakes, b-sides and remixes include the following tracks (collecting everything that the band released during their lifetime–The version of “India” included on “The Thrill of It All” on the fourth disc is not a unique mix but the album version and is not included here as a result):

    Virginia Plain 3:00 (This was not on the original LP release in the UK but a stand alone single)
    The Numberer 3:42
    Pyjamarama [Island Mix] 3:03
    Pyjamarama [Polydor Mix] 2:54
    The Pride and the Pain 4:16
    Do the Strand [USA 7" Mix] 3:23
    Hula Kula 2:39
    Your Application’s Failed 4:45
    The Thrill of It All [Edit] 4:22
    The Thrill of It All[USA 7" Mix] 3:25
    Love Is the Drug [USA 7" Mix] 3:00
    Sultanesque 5:26
    Both Ends Burning [7" Mix] 4:01
    For Your Pleasure 5:04 (live version b-side to “Both Ends Burning” single)
    Trash 2 3:11
    Dance Away [7" Version] 3:50 (This version was the original mix on the US release and differs slightly with a different mix)
    Dance Away [Canadian Extended 12" Mix] 6:31
    Angel Eyes [7" Version] 2:53 (This is the single version which eventually replaced the album version in the UK)
    Angel Eyes [12" Version] 6:38

    Oh Yeah [7" Version] 4:15
    Manifesto [Remake] 4:02
    South Downs 5:24 (The version on the Thrill of It All CD was mastered in error in reverse)
    Lover 4:29
    Jealous Guy 6:12
    To Turn You On [1981 B-Side Version] 4:13 (This version features a slightly different and earlier mix of the song)
    More Than This [7" Version]…

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  2. 36 of 39 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    What He Said, August 28, 2012

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    This review is from: The Complete Studio Recordings (Audio CD)

    Its just about a waste of effort to add a review following WTDK’s above, if it were not for the opportunity to put in my “Five Stars” worth, so to speak. I’ll second his opinion on the quality of the remastering job – this is a model for how red book CDs should be remastered, this set sounds fantastic. Very, very natural sound and no weird EQ choices or radical compression. Other than that, I’ll tip my hat to one of the best reviews I’ve read here.

    Nice job WTDK.

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