What’s In the Backpack? | Beat Making Lab | PBS Digital Studios

This week’s episode answers a simple question that we get asked all the time: “what’s in a beat making Lab?” A Beat Making Lab is an electronic music studi…

Beat Making Challenge #2: Kora Riddim | Beat Making Lab | PBS Digital Studios

An all women’s group of African beat makers recorded a kora player and created a dancehall-inspired riddim out of the sample. Now its your turn. #SenegalChal…
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12 thoughts on “What’s In the Backpack? | Beat Making Lab | PBS Digital Studios

  1. This is amazing!  I’m a vocalist/songwriter (from Durham! I’ve studied with Mrs. Nnenna at NCCU with the Vocal Jazz Ensemble) – how does someone like me get involved with this amazing program????

  2. i dont think enough people understand this video is just OMG i love it AND.. i use this to listen in mp3 -> bit.ly/166Mgsg?=hmpel

  3. so the axiom 25 or MPK 25 mini was in the backpack? We rock Axiom 25, LPK 25, Keith McMillen QuNeo in our portable beatmaking lab/set up when we do workshops, along with NI Maschine and Vestax Typhoon/VCI 100.

  4. Thanks for the support! Check out the song done in the Congo. last week’s video for Cho Cho Cho right here on our channel. You can download the song for free at BeatMakingLab . com

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