Which music software should you buy? The differences between Ableton Live, Logic and Reason

Which music software (DAW) should you buy? The differences between Ableton Live, Logic and Reason. This movie compares three of the most popular music softwa…
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24 thoughts on “Which music software should you buy? The differences between Ableton Live, Logic and Reason

  1. There are better producers than Avicii out there who use FL. Like Porter Robinson, Madeon, and Ørjan Nilsen for example. You will never walk into a professional recording studio and see FL being used. You’d see either Pro Tools or Logic Pro, and sometimes even Cubase.

  2. And yeah – it was really external instruments that made me leave FL studio and switch to Ableton. FL would crash all the time if I simultaneously re-wired Reason and integrated with my Virus TI.

  3. I think the real problem with FL studio is the “feature creep.” I feel like they keep adding new features (like those stupid dancing cartoons), but haven’t really worked on the fundamentals of the program and workflow since they changed from Fruity Loops to FL Studio (version 4 I think). Not to mention recording in FL is horrendous, especially if you are multi-track recording.

  4. I wouldn’t say Reason is for newbies. Routing CV isn’t exactly a beginner activity. Yes – it’s not a full DAW (especially since it lacks MIDI out), but with ReWire, it’s a great modular instrument.

  5. I used FL for most of the time that I’ve been making music. Honestly I liked it when I first started using it but after a while I just got tired of it. That’s why I now use Ableton Live. I find the workflow to be much better and smoother on Ableton than FL and it’s allot easier and faster to set up external devices for use such as VST’s and hardware. I have found that other programs out there are much more advanced and have so much more to offer than FL. That’s why most pros don’t use it.

  6. in my opinion:

    Reason – for creating music (I don’t go with the vocal editing things man bcoz it don’t support vst)
    Ableton Live – I think it’s great at the vocals thing and is very nice man :)
    Logic – I don’t know about this, heard of, but didn’t try it because it’s in mac and I’m windows. They should build a windows compatible thing or something…

  7. Great video! Directly to the point! Has someone tried BTV Solo? Here is a video about it : /watch?v=8hOupK97XCY

  8. I started with FL Studio.
    Now its Logic Pro 9 all the way. It just sounds better. Of course its harder to learn, but the sound is just lucious, throbbing and realistic.

    I still use FL for hip hop and quick jobs. But it sounds really thin live. You gotta EQ the hell out of it. But its fast, and easy.

    I think Logic appeals to real instrument players, cats who have learned music theory. The Score writer in Logic helps you chart parts for other musicians.

  9. @qozmnog yes I agree can’t even believe it even i searched for 2 weeks for a better software to make high depth tones. Between I know people like LMFAO producer are using this software I can see why! Im making killer beats in minutes on this thing. you can get it here >> bit.ly/QLdHRF?=cotirn

  10. Im a producer and uses Reason 6 with rack extensions. I have used All Daw’s there us. Reason kicks everyones ass now. For sure.

  11. @lsnfsvg yep when i asked my friend who is working in music field, told me that most of the best music composing softwares are hiding from public. Between A friend of mine working with Axwell said this software is the bomb for big beats and crazy effects. have a look here -> bit.ly/NXKpLe?=dbfzet

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